If the ink in the bottle are full, but computer show a message that the cartridge are empty. Printer’s count the usage and predict when the cartridge is empty so you have to reset the chip. Take out the cartridge, turn off the printer and wait for a moment, turn on printer and continue to print.
There is line on your print out. There is air on your system/cartridge. Try to run the Deep Cleaning on your printer’s facilities for a couple times. If there is still any lines on your print out, use syringe to pull out air trough the trouble cartridge.
When finished printing, the ink runs down. The cap on the top of bottle has to be released before installing the system. To ensure that the system is not contaminate. Put the system position equal (the same high) with the printer. If the system are filled with air, you can flush it and clean it.
The tube stuck inside printer that result error message ‘paper loading error’. Re-align the tube position, not too short/long
After refilling the ink, printer’s can’t print. If refilling ink to fast, then the air will suck in to the system. Use syringe to pull out ink and air from the cartridge.
After installing the system, Printer can’t read cartridge. Remove cartridge, turn off printer and install the cartridge again.